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Evolution of a study

The small painting Blonde Sideburns, 1995 (10 1/4 x 10 in.) eventually was used as a study for the large painting Faucet, 1995 (72 x 60 in.) And a still from the David Lynch film Eraserhead was used as the original inspiration for both.

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Last of the Hudson Highlanders Panel

Last of the Hudson Highlanders was painted on an unusual type of panel that was made by Paul Solomon for his company Hudson Highlands Artist Materials. Unfortunately he stopped making these solid ground panels a few years before this painting was made. Lisa said “As painters, we rely on these manufacturers, but as with all of life, nothing lasts forever. This was my last little piece of his lovely panels, so I commemorated the event with this dude wandering around lost.” All of the works in the exhibition Babie Brood: Small Paintings, 1985-2018 are on supports and surfaces from panel makers from all over the world and some supports made by Lisa herself.


Detail of “The Deer and the Headlights”

Example of a small painting as a study for larger work, “The Deer and the Headlights,” 2014, oil on linen (12 x 9 1/4 inches). The support was acquired from Ditta Poggi and was handmade in Rome. Mimmo Poggi, the gentleman who owns the store calls them ‘la preparazione dei Balthus.’
Lisa first used these supports in 2003 while her husband, the painter Matvey Levenstein, was at the American Academy in Rome and she was his ‘fellow traveler,’ as the academy calls the spouses.