Jesse Murry: Lisa Yuskavage and Jarrett Earnest

We discover the world of an incredible artist Jesse Murry who passed away in 1993 leaving an extraordinary legacy of artwork, poetry and writing. Fusing the Romantic painting tradition of John Constable and J. M. W. Turner with the quality of mind and imagination of Wallace Stevens’s poetry, Murry uniquely sought to create a “landscape” within the fiction of painting that could be “more than a place to dwell but a suitable space for dreams.” We meet two special guests this week to remember Murry’s artwork and to explore his extraordinary thinking - the artists Lisa Yuskavage @LisaYuskavageStudio and @JarrettEarnest - who together have united to curate an extraordinary new exhibition titled ‘Jesse Murry: Rising’, curated by Lisa Yuskavage and Jarrett Earnest, at David Zwirner’s 533 West 19th Street location in New York.