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Working on “Northview” Series in 1999

In the summer of 1999, while teaching at Yale, Lisa worked in a studio in Norfolk, CT on  the “Northview” series. These paintings were made from images of posed models, in particular Lisa’s childhood friend Kathy, in a friend’s mother’s home. These were the first works with models in which the environment was equally as important and feminine as the subjects.

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“Transference Portrait of my Shrink in her Starched Nightgown with my Face and Her Hair”

Lisa says “It looks more like Rosanne Barr’s face than mine,” either way this work began the exploration of this image over time which went from this quick, small study on rag paper and eventually grew into the large icy green painting that was recently exhibited in “Endless Enigma.“ It also led to the maquettes called Bad Habits which then spawned many other works. Use the taxonomy tag/keyword “Shrink” to explore all the works that spiraled out of this one piece.

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Unrealized Artforum project

Organized by Dan Cameron as a project for Artforum that never fully came to fruition, Lisa walked around New York City with her painting Helga, 1993, accompanied by Kevin Landers, asking all sorts of people to pose with it including but not limited to cabbies and Tompkins Square Park anarchists. Lisa recalls “Anarchists thought it sucked and wanted falafel and beer to pose.” They did however find this cherubic cop who liked the picture, and Landers memorialized the moment with this photograph.

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