Weekly posts by studio staff highlight selections from the archives

Strictly Business

An article in The Artist’s Magazine gives some 80s era tips on applying for a grant or residency. It also highlights Lisa’s 1986-87 fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center.

View featured artwork here.

“Big Blonde Squatting” parodied in the tv show Bojack Horseman

Watch a clip of the tv show Bojack Horseman (season 5, episode 8) where a parodied version of Lisa’s painting Big Blonde Squatting hangs at the end of a hallway.

See the actual painting here

Print Color Progression of “Hippies in Tit Heaven” Printed at ULAE

This video, made by David Zwirner, shows how the print Hippies in Tit Heaven, 2015, was built up of 12 layers of different ink colors. The print was published by ULAE.

See the final artwork.